In the earliest of times, Bon was known simply as "the way". It wasn't so much a religion as it was a way that people lived. There were certainly practices, rituals and a view of the world around them that changed the way they experienced what is now called "reality", but there were no master gods, no saviors and no churches.

There were Masters and levels of accomplished students. This evolved over time into a school of Bon that predates the current historic record. Academics have struggled to classify Bon and in most cases in their frustration simply lumped it in with Shamanism or Animism.

In truth is is a lot more. It is the source for Tantric practices, Tantra and Sutra teachings. It is the origin of that entire science that brings swift enlightenment where an advanced student enters observation, produces bright visible light for 33 plus days and emerges as an enlightened king.

This is the Bon taught here. It's very old, very different and produces exceptionally fast results.

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